Great Cardboard Experiences

Published December 1, 2016

With the popularity of VR and especially Google cardboard increasing exponentially, many people are getting involved to express creativity, make great user interfaces and develop games. With this much content out there today we think it is a good idea to share are thoughts on some of the best experiences available. What makes them even better is that they are all FREE!

Bohemian Rhapsody in VR

Created by Queen and Enosis VR this is a must-see 360 -degree 3D journey,  in which animations are triggered by your viewing alongside the soundtrack of Bohemian Rhapsody. Queen’s Brian May is a bit of a VR evangelist working on his own VR headset, and especially keen to get involved in creating a VR experience. He comments:

“it’s unbelievable how immersive the mix is and that we did a great job”

Enjoy the journey here.

Google Cardboard Camera

This app, through 360 immersive footage, allows you to relive life moments in VR; a great way to encourage anyone to get involved in the creation of VR content . This app will forever change the traditional holiday photo, delivering a new way to enjoy your memories. It is simple to use – just take a panoramic photo, make it VR ready and experience it all over again in your Google cardboard headset here.

Cardboard Design Lab

After taking 360 photos with the Google Cardboard Camera app, naturally you will want to design your own VR environment (or at least we hope you will).  This is exactly what the Cardboard Design lab allows you to do.  Learn its 10 design principles and be informed on the process of the making a VR game look aesthetic. Get creating here. 

Star Wars

Star Wars fans: assemble!! The Star Wars app  allows us who want to go to Planet Jakku and hang out with your favourite characters; a chance to almost go there. There are 9  VR videos to choose from, the app also has some other cool features such as augmented reality viewing of characters.  Transport yourself here.

Vanguard V

In this immersive game you are flying around destroying comets and generally causing mass havoc. Luckily, you have an assistant chatting to you and giving advice over your intercom which fires you up even more to utilise your lazer to destroy space parasites . Be careful of flying debris though, so always make sure you have done some basic neck stretches before playing it here.

Jaunt VR

This app gives you hundreds of VR cinematic experiences to choose from, from American Football to the incredible Paul Mccartney in concert. This app has a really nice user interface and the 360 videos that are on there are some of the best you will find. Make sure you watch Invisible directed by Doug Liman who also directed films such as the Bourne Identity.  Enjoy it here!

Simpsons VR

To celebrate the Simpsons 600th episode a  VR experience called ‘Planet of the Couches’ created in partnership with Google.  The experience has everything you’d expect in an episode of the well-known nuclear family and makes you feel even more involved than usual. A great way to cement the show’s reputation of being up-to-date with popular culture and ahead of the game in regards to the next big thing.

Homer himself commented:

“At first we had concerns about working with Google, because we didn’t know who they were, but then we googled the company and were very impressed”

We loved it and hope you enjoy it too! Immerse yourself here.

Financial Times: Hidden Cities

In our opinion the best VR experience is the Financial Times: Hidden Cities,  you are moving through the favelas in Brazil and getting detailed descriptions of the city as if you are with a tour guide, the wonders of VR give a great feeling to each city without having to visit them! Experience it here.

New York Times VR (NYT VR)

The NYT feels that traditional journalism is failing and the future is in virtual reality.  Now, you can experience journalism on a whole new level with NYT VR, go to the center of top stories, retake Falluja from ISIS and even walk on Pluto. Every day they post new VR content so you are always going to be getting up-to-date content from this app, which we feel is great! Take a look here.

Roller Coaster VR

If you want to enjoy the feeling of a Roller Coaster without putting yourself in danger try Roller coaster VR. The presence in this game is very realistic at times; give it a try here.

War of Words VR

This app brings to life war poems and gives a unique and hard hitting approach to the way poems are communicated.  In this app you’ll experience the 1916 poem “The Kiss” by Siegfried Sassoon, in which a rifle is being prepared for battle.  Enjoy it here.

Voxel Fly

This thriller puts your skills to the test of trying to navigate through an endless city, navigate past vehicles and under bridges to try and beat your friends online scores. Beware – it’s intense! Try it here.

Let us know what you thought was best, or if there are any good experiences we missed out, by tweeting us @visrvr