Getting started with VERTX


An overview of VERTX


Admin / Assets / Studio

The following points can be found under the respectable section inside VERTX

Dashboard (0:12)
• Most recent worked on scenes
• Most recent assets used
• Create new scenes and import new assets
• Change your profile name
• Logout

Studio (0:30)
• View saved scenes you have access to
• Create new scenes

Assets (0:37)
• View assets you have access to
• Import new assets
• Change existing assets 

Organisation (0:47)
• View previous VERTX invoices
• Change card details

Store (1:00)
• Purchase licenses
• Manage licenses amongst your organisation

Upcoming features mentioned in the video include being able to invite users to your organisation and downloadable content such as demo asset packs and plugins.

Keyboard Shortcuts used

Help: Ctrl+i

Help: Ctrl+i

Help: Ctrl+i