Persistent, collaborative spaces that work in real time

VERTX Spaces are persistent, real-time, collaborative representations of places. Use as collaborative meeting or planning spaces, or combine VERTX Services and IoT data for a true digital twin of a physical environment.


Spaces represent single, shared places. Everything stays where everyone leaves it.


Work in the same places at the same time across devices, from traditional to AR and VR.

Digital Twin

Create true Digital Twins of Physical Environments. Available any time, in real-time.

Sensor & IoT Integration

Visualise IoT data spatially. Use VERTX Services to automate and trigger IoT devices.

Centralised, Secure 3D Asset Storage and Processing

Store your existing 3D Asset Library with VERTX, for Secure and Centralised access. A configurable, automated import pipeline allows for easy access across multiple platforms. Get access to the resources you and your team need, when you need them.

Centralised Assets

Keep all your assets in once place, accessible from anywhere.

Secure Cloud Storage

Never worry about hosting your assets again with secure cloud storage.

GLTF & PBR Support

Supporting a variety of filetypes and advanced rendering.

Mixed Reality and custom plugin support

Easily bring mixed reality support and spatial understanding to your applications. Seamlessly integrate with Unity applications and take advantage of VERTX’s asset loading systems and mixed reality support to effortlessly develop spatially aware applications.

Unity Plugin

Our Unity plugin let you make the most of both worlds.

Simple HoloLens Integration

Built with the HoloLens in mind, VERTX is the engine for mixed reality.

Effortless Asset Loading

Stream assets straight to the browser instantly.

Build for MMO’s

VERTX can create and sustain countless persistent servers on demand, streaming content to users across the globe in real-time. Contact us to find out how VERTX could provide the perfect logistics solution to your next MMO game project.

“We’re thrilled to welcome VISR to our Mixed Reality Partner Program. Their expert mixed reality engineering skills—and their ability to deliver innovative industry solutions for their clients—set them apart in the market.”

Liz Hamren, Microsoft Corporate VP of Mixed Reality Marketing