Master the VERTX platform with these tutorials

Module 1:

The Basics

Below is our introductory series to the VERTX platform.

Getting Started

An overview of VERTX.

Sign Up & Activate

How to get started as a VERTX Pioneer.

Purchasing & Managing Seats

How to manage the seats in your organisation.


Create, rename, and delete Studio scenes.


How to move around a Studio scene.

Object Manipulation Part 1

Move, scale, rotate, and duplicate items in your Studio scene.

Object Manipulation Part 2

World/local transforms, reset rotation, and Studio hot-keys. 

Importing Assets

Bringing new 3D files into your Asset Library and a Studio scene.

Module 2:

Mixed Reality

Below are our videos on Virtual Reality and Microsoft Hololens support within the VERTX platform.

Using A VR Headset

Viewing a Studio scene is a Virtual Reality headset.

Hololens Gesture Controls

Mastering the gestures required for Hololens interaction.

Hololens Roomscan

Scanning a real-world environment for use in VERTX.

Hololens Anchor Placement

Placing an Anchor within a Studio scene.