The Mixed Reality Accelerator brings together industry leaders and students to produce solutions using spatial computing and the Microsoft HoloLens. Over nine weeks, students are working in teams to complete briefs set by select businesses, with the goal of using Augmented Reality and 3D technologies to solve actual problems within industry with cutting-edge solutions.

Mixed Reality Accelerator – June 18th to August 17th 2018

Learn about the Mixed Reality Accelerator and how it’s bringing together industry leaders and students to produce solutions using spatial computing and the Microsoft HoloLens.

How VISR and the University of Hull are pushing for the UK to be a centre of excellence and state-of-the-art talent for transformative technologies.

Coverage of the Mixed Reality Accelerator on BBC Look North East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Jamie Schofield talks tech with BBC Radio Humberside. Find the full show, including talks with Louis Deane, JMD of VISR.

Mixed Reality Accelerator Projects

The outcome of the 2018 Mixed Reality Accelerator was 5 unique and exciting technical proof of concepts. Each piece of software aimed to solve a common requirement or problem within industry, using VERTX and mixed reality.

Virtual Meeting

A collaborative virtual environment for conducting meetings around accurate scale models of large sites and facilities.

Guided Maintenance

An IoT enhanced fusebox allows for engineers to be guided through maintenance procedures, step-by-step.

Engine Repair

Using machine learning and the Microsoft HoloLens, guide engineers through the construction or repair process of an Audi engine.

Visualising Sales

Giving power to sales representatives with HoloLens, spatial data and IoT devices.

Machine Training

Using virtual reality for training and testing, machine operators are trained to operate machinery.