The future will be spatialised - 30th April

Microsoft HoloLens Lounge, 2 Kingdom Street, London. W2 6BD

As industry 4.0 changes the way that we work, there is still immense opportunity for proactive and innovative companies to become field leaders. Join us at the Microsoft HoloLens Lounge and learn how to leverage HoloLens & VERTX as part of a successful ongoing strategy to adopt Industry 4.0.

Come and see how to gain strategic advantages by putting 3D at the centre of your business processes. Talk with our experts and developers about how you can make the shift into Industry 4.0 today.

£348 Billion in revenue gains expected from transitioning to i4.0 by 2023


50 Billion IoT devices expected to be brought online for i4.0 by 2020


20% of enterprise businesses will adopt AR,VR or mixed reality solutions by 2019


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Program of events


i4.0 Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Why the industry 4.0 disruption is the best revolution yet and how to become ready for it.


Refreshment Break


What is VERTX

How the VERTX platform can play a role in i4.0 adoption and transformation.



Individual technology demonstrations & networking with on-hand experts and developers.


Networking & Drinks


i4.0 Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Why the industry 4.0 disruption is the best revolution yet for growing your business beyond its current targets and limitations; and how to put in place patterns of thinking, methodologies for expansion and strategies today to help you become ready for this change . (Expand)

What is VERTX

Founder Louis Deane gives and in-depth look of Vertx, a powerful, immersive spatial platform which unlocks the immense value of doing Business In 3D. Value delivered by harnessing the 3D and spatial data you already have and combining with intelligent systems and processes.


Louis Deane

Louis Deane is an entrepreneur and Joint Managing Director of VISR-VR. Founded on his passion for technological advance, VISR-VR is now an established business, offering cutting edge solutions in the Mixed Reality and Spatial Computing areas.

  1. VERTX Room Scanning with HoloLens (Planned)
  2. VERTX & HoloLens Collaboration (Planned)
  3. VERTX integration with MR Headset's (Planned)
  4. VERTX & IoT (Planned)