Virtual Reality for 
Health & Safety solutions

Whether you’re looking to streamline your manufacturing process or educate opinion formers on your products and services, VR is an incredible experience that people won’t forget. Virtual reality is already being used to save money in the automotive and food manufacturing sectors. It can be used in design and manufacturing processes before major investment in expensive equipment is needed.

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Many of our clients want to promote buildings, train their staff and eliminate excess costs from their supply chains. We work with a talented team of CGI designers to stitch graphics together to form a memorable 360 experience.

360 filming

Imagine a place where what you see is just as immersive as everyday life. We can film your event (we did Glastonbury recently), conference, buildings or even medical procedures in 360 degree and bring them to life for your audience.

Video Stitching

When we film for virtual reality, we use a series of cameras to capture every viewpoint for your user. To create a panoramic 360 degree view we then stich the film together.


Virtual reality pioneers 

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