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Sign up to become an expert in Spatial Computing, AI, and Industry 4.0 with the Mixed Reality Accelerator, this summer at the University of Hull.

Participants will gain access to a 9 week programme of extensive development, design training, and best practice.

Work with a genuine business problem faced by your organisation, distil this problem into a function specification with the help of expert Design Lead Innovation powered by an expert Microsoft Partner.

Build your solution using a team of inspiring new talent from the University of Hull prestigious computer science and engineering department. Build your business confidence in management of Spatial Computing and Industry 4.0 solutions, from concept to delivery.

Leave the Mixed Reality Accelerator with working Proof of Concept, expertise, and vision, sure to set you apart from the competition and position your business as a field leader in the future of computing.

Programme Access: £15,000 per participating concept.

Exclusive pre-release access to VERTX, a spatial operating system for Industry 4.0.

9 Weeks

A team of 3 engineers will be provided who will work exclusively on your application.

Access to the use of 2 Commercial Suite HoloLens devices to build your concept.

Expert Assistance from a Microsoft Partner, Microsoft Staff, and University Trailblazers.

An offering of this value, in terms of ROI and opportunity presented is absolutely unprecedented. Pioneer partners will spearhead the global adoption of Industry 4.0 processes, and you could be among the first.