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Virtual Industry Technology Accelerator

Powered by VERTX & Mixed Reality

A specialised research and development programme crafted and led by our expert team at VISR. Working with leading universities to tackle industry specific problems with cutting edge 4.0 technologies, made possible by the VERTX platform. AGILE methodologies blended with emerging remote working techniques, facilitate innovative development even under the current challenging COVID 19 circumstances.
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The medical industry is going through a tumultuous time of change with many new opportunities regarding innovative routes to patient care. VISR are working with Health Education England (HEE), and other governing bodies, to empower those that safeguard our health and advance the state of eHealth & mHealth capabilities.
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Backed by industry experts from the Oil and Gas Technology Centre, VERTX is already helping companies realise their innovation goals throughout all stages of their supply chains. Increasing productivity and safety, as well as aiding in the decarbonisation effort and the move to more renewable energy sources.
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Historically industrial revolutions have always dramatically disrupted the defence industry, and 4.0 is no exception. The industry is set to benefit immensely with the use of emerging technologies in the manufacturing of autonomous systems, robotics and a host of other solutions for land, sea, air, and space environments.

Why Take Part?

We are currently experiencing a new industrial revolution – an incoming era of cyber-physical systems powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), autonomous machines, big data, simulation, and augmented reality (AR). VERTX is unique platform, developed from the ground-up to support this new wave of technologies and to provide you with the Mixed Reality tools to become more productive, more responsive, or simply have a more engaging way of doing things. If you are keen to create new ways of working and stay competitive in this challenging world, then you need to be part of the VITA programme.


Whilst the rest of the world is in lockdown and R&D activities have slowed, take advantage of a new advanced method of AGILE delivery to get ahead. Join the pioneers in the future of remote working and reap the rewards.


Truly innovative talent is hard to find. This program presents a unique opportunity to work with top universities for post-graduation catchment. Proven talent, with knowledge and experience working with advanced 4.0 technologies in your industry – Don't let them get scooped up by the competition.


Innovation breads growth, it is a fact. However, deployment of these innovative technologies at scale is where that growth is truly actualised. With the power of VERTX at the core of the VITA programme, scaling out across an organisation in a structured manner is made simple and straightforward.


Working with VISR enables access to a wide range of stage-of-the-art industry 4.0 technologies, currently difficult to access outside of elite development studios.

Virtual matters during Covid 19

The COVID 19 pandemic has had an incredible effect on the global community and has forced the world to rethink how we live and work. Highlighting the need for flexible working solutions, remote training tools, and safer collaboration methodologies. As a result, many companies are waking up to the profound benefits that Mixed Reality has to offer, and adopting AGILE project management schemes to react to an ever-changing world. We at VISR have been working this way for years, and that experience is brought to the forefront during the VITA programme to facilitate innovation when others cannot.


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Past Accelerator

In the summer of 2018 VISR conducted the world’s first Mixed Reality technology accelerator. Under the mentorship of VISR staff, each team of students from the University of Hull were paired with an industry participant and tasked to solve specific problems, using VERTX and Mixed Reality technologies. The outcome of which was a unique set of exciting technical proof of concepts. In addition, all 24 participating students went on to attain industry related roles following graduation, including several who are now members of the core VISR staff.
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Using machine learning and the Microsoft HoloLens, to guide engineers through the construction or repair process of an Audi engine.
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A collaborative virtual environment for conducting meetings around accurate scale models of large sites and facilities.
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Leverages big data sets, spatial information, and IoT devices to give power to sales representatives with Microsoft HoloLens.
“The Accelerator provided me with a unique experience that I don't think I'd have been able to get anywhere else. It was fun, engaging, challenging, and was an invaluable stepping stone in getting to the position I currently am in my career.”

- J Griers, Unity Developer for a Mixed Reality specialist
"I did the first accelerator with VISR which gave me the opportunity to work with Audi and get my foot in the door with Mixed Reality. Over the course of the Accelerator I was able to learn important technical and design aspects, with expert speakers from Microsoft coming in and providing great insight into the future of the industry. Soon after I was able to land an exciting job developing for the Microsoft Hololens and other Mixed Reality devices."

- R Higgins, XR Developer for a Mixed Reality specialist

Want to find out more?

Contact us at the email address and find out how the VITA programme can help you innovate.