We are VISR, the Spatial Computing Company.
Specialists in the industrial application of Mixed Reality technology with the goal of empowering the workforce of the future.

Development Opportunities

Looking to begin developing a Mixed Reality strategy within your business?


Augmented Reality guided maintenance

Fuse is a guided maintenance solution for Mixed Reality, giving frontline technicians the tools and support they need by augmenting the world around them. Guide technicians through repair and maintenance procedures.

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Mixed Reality Accelerator

Opportunities available for 2019

The perfect opportunity to take your first steps into Mixed Reality and begin your workforce’s digital transformation. Work with a dedicated team of developers over 9 weeks and leave with a Mixed Reality PoC.

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XR Connect

Intelligent spatial planning

XR Connect is an extremely powerful commercial design tool. Utilising the VERTX platform and the Microsoft HoloLens, users can manipulate 1-1 scale assets in the real-world environment, in real time, collaboratively.

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“We’re thrilled to welcome VISR to our Mixed Reality Partner Program. Their expert mixed reality engineering skills—and their ability to deliver innovative industry solutions for their clients—set them apart in the market.”

Liz Hamren, Microsoft Corporate VP of Mixed Reality Marketing