Featuring a powerful web-based design surface, a state-of-the-art cloud based file management system, and the ability to create bespoke Mixed Reality experiences at the click of a button.
VERTX is the spatial engine for Industry 4.0.

VERTX Studio

A powerful, collaborative, web-based design surface

Mixed Reality

Easily create bespoke Mixed Reality experiences.

Cloud Based

Access your 3D Assets anywhere

VERTX Studio

Create beautiful 3D scenes easily from your shared library of assets with VERTX Studio. Quickly communicate and conceptualise your 3D ideas like never before, with real-time collaboration from anywhere in the world.

Mixed Reality Integration

Immerse clients and colleagues in your vision by combining Mixed Reality design tools with our Studio platform, built for Microsoft Hololens. Create bespoke Mixed Reality experiences, simply from the press of a button

Cloud-Based File Management

VERTX stores your 3D files in one centralised secure database, creating a shared bank of assets for your entire business. Import in standard file formats effortlessly to be used within VERTX Studio.

VERTX Subscription

£200 monthly*

* All prices are subject to VAT, terms and conditions apply.

How can VERTX enhance your business?

Our deep understanding of 3D visual communication, combined with our expertise in transformational technologies, enables us to develop business solutions which unlock ROI for our clients.

Our own business operates in 3D and we are passionate about working with our clients to realise the full potential of mixed reality. Contact us for a consultancy on how VERTX can equip and revolutionize your business in the wake of Industry 4.0

“We’re thrilled to welcome VISR to our Mixed Reality Partner Program. Their expert mixed reality engineering skills—and their ability to deliver innovative industry solutions for their clients—set them apart in the market.”

Liz Hamren, Microsoft Corporate VP of Mixed Reality Marketing